VIP Mamas Membership Community

Cultivate the postpartum experience you were meant to have.

A place to go when you need support.

A community of like-minded mamas.

A path to sustainable motherhood.

Access to years of experience and knowledge without pressure or judgement.

Whether you prefer Facebook groups, live meet-ups, attending classes, or one-on-one support, you can access it all in the VIP Mamas Community.

VIP Mamas Monthly Membership

Flexible access to the VIP Mamas foundations. Join our community whenever you want to during or after pregnancy, and stay for as long as it feels relevant. $47 a month gets you access to all our member’s only groups and events, as well as free registration to current classes and recordings of all past classes. Enjoy a 3 day free trial to explore!

Want to go deeper?

Feeling alone? Transform you experience by adding one-on-one video calls for personalized support. We will build a relationship over time, addressing your individual needs, questions, and circumstances. Like a best friend, caring mom, and experienced teacher, all rolled into one!

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