VIP Mamas Membership Community

Cultivate the postpartum experience you were meant to have.

Being a new mom is tough. We all feel alone, exhausted, and unsure of ourselves at some point. We face expectations that leave us feeling like we can never do enough. Let’s stop worrying about being the mythical “perfect mom” and focus on becoming healthier and more confident in our own unique value.

By claiming your spot in the VIP Mama community, you will have access to new mom encouragement and newborn care knowledge whenever you need it. You will learn how to trust yourself to figure out what works best for your family, and confidently cope with the flood of information and advice from family, friends, strangers, and experts alike. And you will discover how to make motherhood sustainable, so that you can be the person you want to be in all the important roles in your life.

VIP Mamas Monthly Membership

Flexible access to the VIP Mamas foundations. Join our community when you need it, for as long as you need it. Great for general support, families on a budget, and giving as a gift!

Nurturing welcome gift
Members-only Facebook group
Video tutorial library
90 minutes of one-on-one calls per month of membership

4th Trimester VIP Special

A modern twist on the traditional period of focused attention on the new mom. Twelve weeks of support starts when you sign up, or on your baby’s birthday. Get a little extra by joining while you are still pregnant!

Nurturing welcome gift
Members-only Facebook group
Video tutorial library
12 weekly coaching calls
Resource email on topic of your choice

The VIP Mama Journey

The highest level of membership, limited to two members per due month. Develop a life-changing relationship through deeply personalized support!

Curated, nurturing gift basket
Lifetime access to Facebook group and video library
EnVision prenatal session
24 hours of coaching calls or home visits during the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life
6 coaching calls or 2 home visits from 12 weeks – 3 years after the birth

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