Home Visits

“What does it look like to have a postpartum doula visit my home?”

I’m glad you asked. The aim of each visit is to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, enjoying that honeymoon feeling with your baby and prepared to tackle the next challenge that arises. How this is accomplished is different for each family, based on their unique needs and areas of stress. It could look like…

  • Cozy cuddles on the couch while Heather takes care of the laundry and prepares nutritious, comforting meals and snacks
  • An experienced helper to offer suggestions and information to make breastfeeding more comfortable and sustainable.
  • A caregiver you can trust with your newborn, giving you the opportunity to take a nap, shower, bath, or other quiet time to tend to your own needs.
  • A safe person you can talk to about your birth experience, relationships, unexpected feelings, or anything else that is weighing on your mind.
  • Hands-on education and assistance with baby care tasks and skills, such as bathing, soothing, bonding, and babywearing.
  • More sleep, through sleep education and planning and/or overnight baby care.
  • Reassurance that what you are noticing is normal, encouragement to continue what is working for you, ideas for changing what isn’t, and resources when extra help could be beneficial.

Most often, it is a combination of several of these things, plus more! Let’s chat about those missing pieces in your life- schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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