Visit descriptions below are examples only, and will be customized to meet your family’s unique needs and preferences.

Visits may take place Monday – Saturday between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm with the exception of overnight services.

Limited Sunday and holiday hours may be available as my schedule permits. There is a four hour minimum per visit.

NOTE: For families located within five miles of Beverly, Massachusetts, the minimum visit is reduced to three hours. 

“Hello Sunshine” daytime visit.

  • I’ll start a load of laundry and make you a cup of tea while we discuss your questions, needs, and challenges.
  • Enjoy a leisurely shower or an uninterrupted nap, knowing your baby is in good hands and daily tasks are being taken care of.
  • Develop your infant care skills and confidence as we give baby a bath, swaddle, practice using your infant carrier, or run an errand together.
  • I will leave you with your questions answered, a nourishing lunch, tidied living areas, and clean laundry.

“Calming the Chaos” evening visit.

  • I will spell you during the “witching hour” and offer techniques to calm your baby and cope with fussy periods.
  • Catch up with your partner/family and enjoy dinner together, while I take care of baby and household tasks.
  • I’ll be an extra set of hands during homework/bedtime for your older children and suggest ways to integrate baby’s needs into your family routines.
  • We will debrief the day and discuss your questions, needs, and challenges.
  • I will leave you relaxed and settled in for the night, with a clean kitchen and preparations made for overnight baby care and the next morning’s responsibilities.

“Sweet Dreams” overnight visit.

  • I will arrive at 9:30pm, check in with you about the day, and answer any questions you might have about your experience so far.
  • You will go to bed and get some sleep while I take over soothing and settling baby.
  • If baby is sleeping or calm, I may start or fold a load of laundry, clean up after dinner, wash bottles and pump parts, or organize baby supplies.
  • While baby sleeps peacefully in their crib or bassinet, I will lie down nearby on a sofa or guest bed and close my eyes.
  • When baby awakens, I will feed a bottle or bring to you to breastfeed in bed. After feeding, I will burp, diaper, and resettle so you can go right back to sleep.
  • I will leave quietly at 5:30am if all are asleep, or you may choose to wake up before I leave. If we have discussed ahead of time, I can leave you with coffee or breakfast ready to enjoy.

Have questions?

I would be happy to provide additional details regarding my custom services for infants, toddlers and young families.

Please call or text me at (774) 219-3635 or use my contact form to schedule an in-home consultation.