“As a new mom, it was great to have Heather’s help in the first few weeks of my baby’s life. Heather was amazing with my daughter and offered me the chance to shower or get household chores done. Heather assisted with holding my daughter, feeding her, changing her, and bathing her. Knowing that Heather has two children of her own made me feel extremely comfortable. Heather is also available to run errands which can be a lifesaver for a new mom who finds it hard to get out of the house. Heather was flexible with her schedule and was available in timeframes when I needed her. It was a pleasure to work with Heather and I felt she genuinely enjoyed the time she spent helping to care for my baby!”

Judith F., Beverly, Massachusetts

“Heather came to my house and helped me several times after my first baby was born in December. She assisted with household chores, prepared dinner and we went to the grocery store together. It was helpful to have a second pair of hands during the stressful time as I was adjusting to motherhood and demonstrating being able to get out of the house and run errands with a new baby. She is knowledgeable in baby care and breastfeeding, and having 2 children of her own, one a baby under 12 months, is quite familiar with the struggles of a new mom and able to give examples from her own life. Heather also gave me tips for my son’s cradle cap! I highly recommend Heather to help any new mom/family in the postpartum period!”

Jen F., Haverhill, Massachusetts

As new parents, it’s hard to understate how much you don’t know and how many questions you have. Compound that with no sleep, and it can be a rugged time.  Heather came to the rescue!  She was the calm harbor in the storm of early parenting. She offered council, space, wisdom, and care not just for our baby but for the family.  She was exactly what we needed to ensure little Rex got the best.

Erika A., Beverly, Massachusetts

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